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February Half-Term: MOSI goes retro with computer games

Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders and Pac-Man will be amongst the iconic video games from the past, as well as modern games on X-Box and Playstation, in the new Games Lounge at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester) as part of a programme of free family events during 19-27 February.

Gareth Redston, presenter team leader said: “The Games Lounge is going to be great fun. Whether you’re into computer games or not it’s fascinating to see how much games have developed, and many of us get a twinge of nostalgia at the sight of Pac-Man or Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Replay Events will supply and install all games and hardware for The Games Lounge, which will feature an array of more than 20 different ‘Retro’ systems from the Atari 2600 (1977) to the Microsoft Xbox (2002). Go here to read the full release from MOSI.

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