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Videogame Nation moves to the Woodhorn Museum

The hit arcade and video gaming exhibition Videogame Nation is on the move again! The highly acclaimed show is now in its second year and has moved to the Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives in the North East of England until September 2011.

Videogame Nation is a fun-filled exhibition charting the meteoric rise of videogaming; from the geek-tastic realm of the bedroom programmer to the multi-billion pound industry it is today.

Local newspaper The Journal wrote “Enthusiasts visiting the Woodhorn exhibition will discover an arcade-style experience where they can try out influential games such as Head Over Heels, Jetpac, WipEout, Destruction Derby and Sensible World of Soccer, on an array of consoles, spanning the length and breadth of game hardware development.”

Replay Events assisted the Videogame Nation creators and provided machines, games and other hardware for the show. Visit here for more information on the Videogame Nation exhibition at the Woodhorn Museum.

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