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Replay Events has unprecedented access to literally hundreds of video games consoles, computers and handheld machines. From early pong machines, through to the latest generation consoles, Replay Events can supply anything you require.

Our storage facilities look like museum exhibitions with every conceivable console available; from the ones you will know and love to ones you will have probably never even heard of. Take a look through our latest stock inventory below for an idea of what we have.

Every console hired will come with power supply, official controllers, AV leads and selection of games as standard. Unless you specify otherwise we also supply a standard sized TV with each machine. Years of putting on gaming events has mean we know exactly which games will go down well for your type of event, but thanks to our partnership with Console Passion Retro Games, the UK’s most popular retro games retailer we will most likely be able to source any game you request.

We have hundreds of top end matching TV’s to accompany each gaming console which will give your event a professional and consistent look. For more modern gaming setups, we can supply HD projectors with white screens or 32″ widescreen TV’s – again – whatever your requirement, we can accommodate.

Here are details of the systems we hold in stock which can be used at your event.

Early Favourites 8 Bit Originals
Fairchild Channel F (1976) Nintendo Entertainment System (1983)
Atari 2600 “Video Computer System” (1977) Sega Master System (1985) Mk 2 (1992)
Mattel Intellivision (1980) Atari 7800 (1986)
CBS ColecoVision (1982) Atari XE GS (1987)
MB Vectrex (1982) Amstrad GX4000 (1990)
Philips G7000 (1983) Commodore 64GS (1990)
Various Pong machines
16-Bit and Beyond The Playstation Generation
Turbo Grafx 16 (1987) Panasonic 3DO (1993)
Sega Megadrive (1988) Mk 2 (1993) Amiga CD32 (1993)
Super NES (1990) Atari Jaguar (1993) CD (1995)
Philips CD-i (1991) Sony PlayStation (1994) PSone (2000)
Sega Mega-CD (1991) Sega Saturn (1994)
Sega 32X (1994) Nintendo 64 (1996) 64DD (1999)
Modern Classics Eastern Surprise
Sega Dreamcast (1998) Nintendo Famicom (1983)
Sony PlayStation 2 (2000) Sega Mark III (1985)
Nintendo GameCube (2001) Famicom Disk System (1986)
Panasonic Q (2001) Sharp Twin Famicom (1986)
Microsoft Xbox (2001) NEC PC Engine (1987)
Microsoft Xbox 360 (2005) NEC SuperGrafx (1989)
Nintendo Wii (2006) NEC PC Engine-CD (1990)
Sony Playstation 3 (2007) Super Famicom (1990)
Wii-U (2012) SNK Neo-Geo AES (1990) CD (1994)
Sony Playstation 4 (2013) NEC PC-FX (1994)
Microsoft Xbox One (2013) Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995)
Handheld Heaven Home Computer Revolution
Milton Bradley Microvision (1979) Commodore 64 / C128 / C128D
Nintendo Game & Watch (1980) Sinclair Spectrum / Spectrum+ / +2 / +3
Entex Adventure Vision (1982) BBC Micro / Master / Electron
Nintendo Game Boy (1989) Amstrad CPC 464 / 6128
Atari Lynx (1989) Atari XL / XE
NEC PC Engine GT (1990) Commodore C16 / Plus 4
Sega Game Gear (1991) Dragon 32
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket (1996) Sam Coupe
Tiger Electronics (1997) Goldstar MSX / Pioneer MSX
Nintendo Game Boy Color (1998) Vic 20 / Acorn Atom / Sinclair ZX81
SNK Neo Geo Pocket (1998) Colour (1999) Amiga A500 / A600 / A1200
Bandai WonderSwan (1999) Colour (2000) Atari ST 520 / 1020
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2001) Acorn Archimedes / A3010 / RISC PC
Sony PSP (2005) 486 PC / Pentium 1 / PII / PIII
Nintendo DS (2005)

We encourage you to design your own packages to suit your needs, however we understand this can be a bit daunting so we also have some example packages which we can tailor to your requirement.

To make a booking or to make an enquiry, please visit our Contact Us page.

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