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Games Britannia, Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

Promising more than just a games festival, Games Britannia delivered that assurance in bucket loads. 

Taking three days to build, the amazing Games Britannia: Replayed expo owned the entire Magna Science Adventure Centre corporate space:  Almost 4000m2 of videogame culture, art, education and a whole host of amazing games, on a plethora of hardware – from exclusive upcoming titles such as Ni No Kuni and Tales Of Graces F from Bandai, Super Mario 2 from Nintendo and a smorgasbord of indie goodies including as Girls Like Robots, Gunpoint, Chompy Chomp Chomp and Thomas was Alone.

Taking a lead in the partnership, Replay Events elevated the schools festival throughout the week (enlightening over 1000 children from across the country) as well as entertaining members of the public over a rain sodden weekend in July. Check out the pictures on this Flickr page.

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